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International Programme

Establishing and creating opportunities for an open, digitalised and innovative global construction market.

The International Programme is helping to establish a global community within the construction sector, enabling the UK and international markets to benefit from the advantages of sector innovation and digitalisation – becoming part of an interoperable and standards-based sector.

The International Programme is supporting the digitalisation and innovation of the global construction sector.

Working with more than 30 governments worldwide to bring together public and private sectors to contribute to, and benefit from, digital standardisation and wider sector innovation.

The construction sector ecosystem accounts for approximately 13% of the global economy and delivers the world’s infrastructure upon which our entire global population relies. We work together with other nations to develop and deliver the mutual benefits that the introduction of digitalisation and innovation across the construction sector can bring and support them to realise the opportunities it offers from societal, economic and environmental perspectives.

With BIM (ISO 19650) at the heart of digitisation of the UK construction sector, demonstrating ability to drive considerable efficiency and productivity gains, the International Programme is collaborating with a number of global market leads to deliver the same benefits at a global scale, helping to boost the economic performance of the construction sector, globally.

In addition to the economic gains, the programme is collaborating with market leaders to help deliver a standards-based approach to global digitalisation that will support the delivery of more sustainable, efficient and cost-effective infrastructures around the world.

In 2020, supported by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) the International Programme launched the Global BIM Network attracting nations to collaborate together, sharing best practise and gaining support with implementing the ISO 19650 international series of standards.

Focused on shared outputs, outcomes and a sense of shared ownership, aligning international sectors to a standards-based approach is helping democratise digitalisation and create a better global infrastructure.

Helping to close the global infrastructure gap and meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through the spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

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The Global BIM Network is the natural development of the increased level of international collaboration between governments and multi-lateral organisations that have stimulated national BIM programmes and regional initiatives that promote the use of digital across the public and private sector, aligned with a common language and shared benefits.

The Global BIM Network’s vision is to share members’ transformation journeys to transition towards a digital built environment that delivers greater social and economic benefits for all.

The Network’s website www.globalBIM.org is an online repository primarily for the global public sector and multi-lateral organizations seeking guidance, accessing and sharing documentation, protocols, operational manuals, case studies, tools, training materials and other resources to facilitate the strategic introduction of digital built environment innovation worldwide.

You can read Global BIM Network’s General Assembly Report on their website. The 2021 General Assembly was recorded and is available on YouTube.

The Global BIM Network have also shared an Information Collection Webinar, all about how the information is used and how you can benefit from BIM resources within the collection. Watch it here.

How the International Programme is supporting the innovation and digitalisation of the global construction sector


representatives from 97 countries around the world attended the launch of the Global BIM Network at the Global BIM Summit held online on 17 March 2021.


billion a year is the estimate for savings that digital can bring to the global infrastructure and construction sector – the sector itself is valued at around $10 trillion globally per year.

Global BIM Summit

The Global BIM Summit was hosted by Phil Bernstein and featured a keynote by Rt. Hon. Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP, panel discussions with representatives from the EU, Singapore, Vietnam, the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), LATAM, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Inter-American Development Bank.