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Construction Product Quality Planning (CPQP)

Construction Product Quality Planning (CPQP) offers a toolbox of resources to help manufacturers produce products and components in line with best practice quality standards, ensure legal compliance and improve the efficiency of their operations.

Why use CPQP?

While many manufacturers will have their own bespoke quality assurance practices, CPQP brings together learning from multiple industries, including automotive and aviation, enabling companies embed these best practises principles within their business operations.

It is aligned with the new BS 99001 Standard and will help manufacturers and duty holders comply with the Building Safety Act when presenting a building safety case to regulators.

It means that manufacturers using CPQP can have the confidence that they are working in line with guidance and regulation within the construction sector.

As well as achieving compliance, manufacturers that adopt these guidelines will see a reduction in waste, including cost, labour and materials. In an industry that has tight margins and skills shortages, this will help manufacturers service the market and fulfil demand.

Risk reduction

The framework includes the creation of a live control document. This provides an audit trail as per the requirements of the Golden Thread. In parallel, a digital tool is in development that will monitor, track and measure the CPQP process.

This removes risk from the process, helping manufacturers to comply with regulations and reducing the potential for product failures and warranty issues in the future.

CPQP is part of a wider assurance landscape, which also includes Change Control. Change Control is a process to ensure that any change to a product during its lifecycle is fully logged and analysed from a manufacturing and performance perspective.

A manufacturing-led approach to construction

The Construction Playbook and Transforming Infrastructure Performance Roadmap to 2030 both set out a vision for a manufacturing-led construction sector. New products and platforms will be needed to achieve this and drive progress against value, quality and Net Zero targets. CPQP is part of a suite of tools that the Hub has developed to meet these ambitions.

CPQP directly supports the Hub’s Product Platform Programme, a collaboration of industry leaders, peers and Government to develop, prototype, test and demonstrate the fundamentals of a platform approach. More specifically, the CPQP framework provides practical tools for the quality assurance of product platforms developed using the guiding rules set out in the Hub’s Product Platform Rulebook.

Developed with Hub industry partners, the Product Platform Rulebook addresses the Government’s ambitions – set out in the Construction Playbook and TIP Roadmap – to accelerate the development and adoption of solutions to deliver our future buildings. CPQP aims to ensure that quality is built into any manufacturing processes and final products from the start, supporting the creation of a live control document for the Golden Thread.

Digital Quality Assurance Tool (DQAT)

DQAT is an online digital tool that monitors, tracks and measures progress against the CPQP process for a specific product. It allows users to:

  • Identify the development stage the product is at
  • Link the activity/deliverable with the responsible person
  • Identify bottlenecks in the product development cycle
  • Ensure all activities and deliverables are carried out before proceeded to the next phase.

A user friendly mobile and web interface will allow users to see the progress of different products and review compliance at the relevant gateways.

For more information on DQAT, please get in touch.

Case studies

The Hub has worked with a number of industry partners to test the CPQP methodology.

Please read our case studies below:

You can also watch the video below to find out more about CPQP.


You can also read the full story on our Construction Quality Planning Tool on the Innovate UK website.