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Digital Sandpit

The Digital Sandpit is derived from previous workstreams conducted with collaboration from industry partners during the development of the Hub Platform Construction System, its associated Kit of Parts and in conjunction with the development of the Product Platform Rulebook.

The Digital Sandpit is built using Digital Deployment Methodology that has been demonstrated during digital build of Proof of Concept Research Vehicle (PoCRV) through conceptualisation, refinement of building components and sub-assembly development

The key benefits of the Digital Sandpit are:

  • Enabling an auditable transition of a golden thread of information from component level through to building level;
  • De-risking through digital validation and the standardisation of components and assemblies that offer interoperability of materials and finishes;
  • Streamlined method of configuring built assets using Platform and Kit of Parts based approach.

The Digital Sandpit uses Digital Deployment Methodology which embodies the 8 Rules of the Product Platform Rulebook.

Digital Deployment Methodology is a structured framework for:

  • Conceptualisation, Development, Deployment of Kit of Parts and Interfaces;
  • Data exchange and collaboration between partners;
  • Configuration of built assets;
  • Digital de-risking, test and validation.