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The Hub’s work on quality assurance provides guidance and tools for construction product manufacturers to deliver higher quality, safer, more sustainable outputs, whether they are providers of traditional products or producers of offsite, platform-based solutions.

It sets the level of quality assurance and risk assessment that should be embedded within both the design and production stages of product manufacturing. In addition to being complementary to the Hub’s Product Platform Rulebook, our tools and guidance will help businesses conform with new standards such as BS 99001 and ensure compliance with legislation, including the new Building Safety Act.

There are two core areas of focus: Quality Assurance and Product Validation and Testing.

Both are key to the Hub’s ambitions to introduce new digital tools and processes which can transform the construction sector’s approach to assurance.




Construction Product Quality Planning (CPQP) offers a toolbox of resources to help manufacturers produce products and components in line with best practice quality standards, ensure legal compliance and improve the efficiency of their operations.

Change Control

Change Control guidance helps manufacturers to ensure that any product changes are assessed at system level, catalogued and controlled – significantly reducing risk and ensuring compliance with legislation and best practice.

Product Verification and Validation

The Hub’s work in this area has been developed to offer a clear route to product validation as part of a platform-based approach to construction. This helps ensure finished products meet all requirements set out at design stage.