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Indoor Sandpit

The Indoor Sandpit was created to support the construction industry to further develop and adopt platform design principles in construction. This reconfigurable space provides an environment for industry to develop new platform product concepts, collaborate and test new construction techniques.

The Indoor Sandpit is a steel framed platform structure with a reinforced concrete base. It provides a controlled R&D environment to support physical experimentation, testing and development of new and existing products.

This flexible space supports concept development and validation of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) for industry. This environment will enable industry-led design, build and test projects and support the adoption of platform construction.

How does it support platform construction?

  • Dedicated environment to support new product concept development and platform construction testing within a flexible R&D space.
  • Collaborative design and build activities with industry to identify new platform ideas and explore potential interfacing issues and opportunities.
  • Develop scaled product prototypes to validate its application and understand the requirements to support its offsite manufacturability.
  • Controlled test bed environment to identify opportunities to apply new technologies and demonstrate technology integration within platform construction.
  • Build construction experience and knowledge base to further support industry’s adoption of platform construction practices.
  • Engineering upskilling and training opportunities in MMC to help industry adopt new ways of working and challenge traditional methodologies.

Below are several pictures taken at the Indoor Sandpit

Who are we working with to deliver the Indoor Sandpit?